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Great Insight with the Psychic Phone Reading

Clairvoyance and spiritualism is an ancient art, a combination of acting and psychological manipulation. We offer you 10 tips on “cold reading” – reading information about another person in the absence of any knowledge about him.

Prepare the ground for a hearty, comfortable experience

Mark your psychic credibility with the help of such props as special cards or shelves with books on the subject.

Find comfortable chairs, put a table between them. A lacy tablecloth, candles, a carpet, soft colour lighting and incense will give your reading a “spiritual” spirit. The client must feel that he is participating in an important ritual.

Radiate benevolence.

Bring the client to a favourable, open to cooperative mood, explaining to him that reading is a team work.

Use a soft voice, calm manners and friendly and non-conflicting body language: a pleasant smile, constant eye contact, the head is inclined to one side while listening. Sit facing the person, legs together (not crossed), hands also do not cross. Call yourself a “psychic intuit or.” Explain that the “clients” address you on various issues that disturb them and lie a stone at heart (the heart is the favourite organ of New Age era spiritualism), and that your task as an intuit or is to apply your special gift of intuition. Say that everyone has a gift, but you developed yours thanks to years of practice.

To legitimize your punctures (and they will not keep themselves waiting), immediately say that a psychic cannot see the future with all accuracy: “It would be great if I always was 100% accurate, but no one is perfect. Even Michael Jordan misses! ” In the Psychic Phone Reading this is important now.

There are seven topics that people like to talk about the most: love, health, money, career, travel, education and aspirations

Stick to these topics by asking many questions and making many statements from each category. It will also help you remember what stage of the reading you are at.

Start with the Barnum Method, which gives something to everyone

“You can be a very responsive person, readily come to the aid of others, but sometimes there are moments (if you are honest with yourself) when you become aware of your inclination to selfishness. I would say that on the whole you are rather a calm, modest person, but under certain circumstances you may well act as the soul of the company if you are in the mood. ”

“Sometimes you are too frank in your feelings and too open to others.” You think about the situation well and like to know the arguments before you change your mind about something. Once in a new situation, you are very careful until you find out what is happening, and then act confidently. ”

We see that in general, a person like you can be trusted.” Not holy, not perfect, but, let’s say, when it comes to something truly substantial, you understand the importance of being reliable. You know how to be a good friend.

You can make yourself look as if you are controlling others, but in fact you often feel insecure. You would like to like others a little more and feel more comfortable in interpersonal relationships than now.

After general statements, you can begin to focus on specifics that apply to most people

Mention things like:

  • Decoration left over from the deceased family member;
  • Old medicine or expired medicines;
  • Toys, books, souvenirs from childhood;
  • A box of old photos, most are not in albums;
  • Watches that stopped walking;
  • Idle electronic device or gadget;
  • An old note on the fridge;
  • Books about hobbies that you no longer enjoy;
  • lost keys;
  • Not closed or poorly opening drawer of a table or a dresser.

And the distinctive features of a person, like these:

  • An incident in childhood related to water;
  • number 2 in the home address;
  • A scar on the knee;
  • Long hair in childhood, then a shorter haircut;
  • Never put on clothes;
  • A photo of a loved one in the wallet;
  • Earring without a pair, because the second is lost.
  1. Get information from the client, MASKING questions for approval
  • “It’s like that?”
  • “Looks like the truth?”
  • “Do you know this?”
  • “And why is this happening?”
  • “Do you understand why I got the impression?”
  • “What does this have to do with your life?”
  • “Right?”
  • “Yes?”
  • “Why is this important to you?”
  • “Do you agree that this resonates with you?”

Refer to the authority of ancient wisdom and mystical secrets, seasoning your speech with esoteric jargon

Ian Roland calls this technique “slang blitzkrieg” and says that she is one of his favourites. The use of abstruse terms prevents logically from following what the clairvoyant says, and reinforces the client’s impression that the psychic is an authoritative character with secret knowledge. References to the wisdom of the ancients also reinforce the feeling of ritual, which promotes cooperation from the client and prevents possible doubts or protest.

Then, a psychic can elicit information from a client under the cover of the fact that “maps” or “stars” indicate a number of possibilities – and ask the client (who was distracted by the jargon) that best describes his situation. Roland demonstrates how to screw the question to the end of the phrase: “Curiously, I see that we have here the Five of Swords, an important map in the Lower Arcane, traditionally associated with the problem and struggle in heart matters. The unusual thing is that the “hermit” also fell out, initially one of the cards of the lower triad, but now mostly interpreted as loneliness but also the achievement of personal goals. The cards seem to assume that at the moment your personal goals prevail over love relationships. We do not know if this seems reasonable to you.

Feel free to use the existing stock of knowledge in psychology or sociology to recognize problems that concern your client

Professional Ian Roland gives this advice: “Do not resort to greasy books on occultism, which are used as a prop! Books on psychotherapy and psychology will be much more useful. My favourite is the bestseller Age Crises (Passages) by Gail Sheehy, written in the 1970s.

More psychics rely on scientific journals on demography, which tell that they are interested in representatives of groups of a particular age, gender or social stratum.

Michael Sheerer used the Big Five personality model – extroversion, goodwill, conscientiousness (consciousness), neuroticism (opposite pole – emotional stability), openness to experience (intellect), as well as the study of Frank Dalloway on the subject of family dynamics for guessing, among other things, order the birth of the client in the family (firstborn, middle, younger).

Do not forget the obvious – flatter the patient! Tell him what he wants to hear

“Love will result in relationships, financial problems will be solved, and you are hardworking, fair, intelligent and independent.” The sophisticated psychic does not just blurt out these flattering statements – he weaves them into a sophisticated performance that disguises his manipulative nature. The client hears general statements that can be applied to anyone, and drives them to something concrete in their life – and therefore perceives the session as amazingly accurate.

What if love does not translate into a relationship? Remember that people tend to remember what happened, and forget what was past, especially when it comes to a large amount of information.

Keep excuses ready. Turn any outcome to your advantage

As mentioned earlier, admit at the outset that you cannot promise 100 present accuracy.

– If the client indicates that a psychic is mistaken in a particular statement, you can say that the episode took place in the distant past, and delicately hint that the client himself is to blame for what he forgot. Or say, on the contrary, that this will happen in the future.

– Justify the wrong guess that the client will receive a message from the beloved who left, that the spirit has changed his mind.

“Blame bad spiritual connections in awkward pauses or lack of progress.” And best of all, blame the client for not trying very well.

Love Readings – Love Psychic

If you are not sure about the current status of your love, and you might want to know if you or your partner has any issues or whether you have a connection, you can always use love readings.

Romance, Love, compatibility, and Soulmate, love readings will help you discover what’s in store for you in the future. You can opt for clairvoyant, psychic, or tarot readings to unlock the secrets of your love life.

The accuracy for such readings is dependent on your intention and concentration for the reading session you book. Hence why you must concentrate hard to get the most liable outcome of your love life.

For precise predictions, clear your mind, build your concentration by closing your eyes, and breathing in and out calmingly.

The reader may request that you visualize the sacred items you respect, harness their power to disclose what you anticipate from your journey of love. The tarot card reader will pull three cards relating to your love life.

By reaching out to your spirit, maintaining eye contact, the reader will use their ability to reveal images, symbols and text that speak to what you should expect about your love life in the future. Use the information to work on your relationship so that it becomes stronger and more fulfilling.