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The vision is visual perception of extra physical dimensions or distant physical environments through paraojos or extra physical eyes (astral body) are called clairvoyance. Clairvoyance can be defined as a capacity for visual perception beyond the physical sense of sight.

The eyes give us visual information of the physical dimension. When you visually perceive beyond this dimension you can say that you are having insights through clairvoyance.

Which it means Clairvoyance: Meanings of Clairvoyance

Extra physical Clairvoyance: Visual perception of Clairvoyant Readings that is experienced in the place (physical or extra physical) where one is.

Traveling Clairvoyance: visual perception (not physical) that is experienced from places or people that are in another place (physical or extra physical) in which one is experiencing it.

What is Clairvoyance according to the RAE?

According to the Royal Spanish Academy of the Language “Clairvoyance” comes from the word” clairvoyant “.

  • And it can have the following meanings.
  • The ability to clearly understand and discern things.
  • Penetration, insight.
  • Paranormal ability to perceive things distant or not perceptible by the eye.

Faculty to guess future events or occurred in other places.

The meaning that the RAE gives to the word Clarividencia is the recognition of the use that is given in the language (written and spoken) to the word “clairvoyance”. It does not have a normative value in relation to what clairvoyance is. Therefore, it can not help us much in understanding the phenomenon or trying to develop it.

Why Clairvoyance is important

The reason for the importance of clairvoyance is the information that gives us of what happens in other dimensions. What happens in other dimensions, but in our environment, is something that can affect us. For example, if we are in an environment where there is some extra physical awareness whose imbalance is affecting us? Therefore, clairvoyance provides information, either to perform some kind of assistance, or simply as a source of information that can facilitate our response is appropriate.

We live in a complex world, with multiple dimensions. And from all of them, information is emitted that can affect us being in the physical dimension. We are not isolated in our dimension. Therefore, the information that we can capture from these closer dimensions is information that can allow us to guess more easily.

How to develop Clairvoyance: How to be Clairvoyant

Once we understand the importance of clairvoyance, what we need to ask ourselves is how to develop it. Obviously, as for almost everything, there are also techniques to develop clairvoyance.

The basis of the exercises is the immobility of physical vision, immobility of the eyes. Our physical perception must stop capturing new information. For this, immobility is necessary.

You want to develop clairvoyance: TECHNICAL

In this exercise two people stand facing each other. One of them, with eyes closed and at a distance of one and a half meters or two. The other person observes his companion with his eyes fixed on a part of his face trying to keep his gaze on his companion. Observing with calmness and without anxiety the visual stimuli that appear.

TECHNIQUE B: BODY clarividence, front of a mirror. (This technique is not advisable if you are a scared person or you do not have enough information to live with the multidimensionality). The technique consists of facing a mirror that allows you to see your whole body sitting or lying down. At a distance of one and a half meters, more or less. In a comfortable position, try to relax the gaze and leave it motionless on a point of your body (or your face). In the same way as in the previous one, observe without anxiety the visual stimuli that appear, without judging them and without clinging to them: simply observe.

What is a person Clairvoyant: Who can develop Clairvoyance?

We can all get to experience clairvoyance, even if we do not all consider ourselves clairvoyant. A clairvoyant is someone who experiences clairvoyance in a stable way. This could be considered a level of development of clairvoyance but it does not detract from the clairvoyant experience of the most novice experimenter of it. Therefore, we could all consider ourselves clairvoyant. And, in the same way, to think that a clairvoyant is not a special person (someone with a gift), but someone who has practiced some techniques more. Therefore, when we practice or develop clairvoyance, we do not do it with the aim of becoming someone special or superior, but simply with the objective of getting information that can help us

Where and when can I develop Clairvoyance?

The course of Development of Consciousness integrates exercises for the development of Clairvoyance, as it could not be otherwise, once we have understood the importance of it.

Clarividence Course

A course is often programmed in the IAC to understand in depth the clairvoyance while performing clairvoyance exercises that the student can practice later independently.

Clairvoyance and Telepathy

The clairvoyance and telepathy are two phenomena that often go together because the association has been established in various publications (usually books).

However, they are two very different phenomena and with very different foundations.

Clairvoyance: Perception is visual. And it refers to a fact, an event that is taking place, be it of things or people, be it here, where I am present or in a place far from where I am.

Telepathy: There is an emission and a capture of a message. On the one hand there is an emitter and on the other there is a receiver. That is, there are two people who are united by a means that is common to them and that allows them to get the message from one to another.

Clairvoyance and Astral Travel

The connection of clairvoyance with the Astral Journey is clear. Clairvoyance can be experienced in the extra physical dimension that is experienced naturally with the astral body (astral travel). Therefore, clairvoyance is not a phenomenon that is restricted to the physical dimension, but is also experienced in the extra physical dimension and can be experienced through the astral body. They are two complementary phenomena that allow you to experience multidimensionality by yourself without intermediaries. The two phenomena are part of the natural abilities that we all have and that we can all develop even more through techniques and personal work. Especially with bio energies.

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Clairvoyant – Love Psychic USA

Clairvoyant is an individual that is gifted with the supernatural ability to perceive events beyond human comprehension. Since clairvoyance is linked with seeing, visualization plays a considerable role when it comes to clairvoyant readings.

Through clairvoyant readings, you get the tools and resources you need to get in touch with your soul and feed your spirit. Clairvoyant services are offered to persons that are yearning for guidance and fulfilment.

Clairvoyants use their senses to access information and insights regarding your location, event, or object via widespread perception. They use their ability to smell, see, feel, taste, and hear beyond the ordinary human perception.

Through clairvoyant services, the reader will share with your the types of emotions attached to the situation you’re are going through. The reader may interpret the images they see, alongside the energies and vibrations being attracted by what you’re going through.

Use the information relayed on you as a guide to rectify thins that might be going awry in your life. On this platform, you will come across a list of clairvoyants and their profiles.

Use the information provided to find a reader you connect with to reach into your spiritual world for profound awakening.