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Astrology Readings 

The True Essence of the Astrology Readings  Service

What the astrologer need from this life is for everyone to be just who they really are to stand in their truth and come alive in that. To have permission to be whom the astrologer is, connect to what is truly our truth.

This list is for a birth chart phone call reading with me. A conversation where the astrologer go over what are your challenges and gifts, the astrologer go into every aspect of your chart and where the planets were when you were born and how they talked to each other. It’s much deeper than just your sun sign. It also understands how planets in transit are affecting you for the rest of the year.

The conversation lasts 1 to 1.5 hours. Once you buy the list, the astrologer will send you a message and the astrologer will set up a time to talk on the phone. When our conversation is over, the astrologer will send you the recording with the image of your horoscope. For the Astrology Readings the followings are the most important ones now.

For this reading, the astrologer will need:

  • Your name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your exact birth time (if you do not have what the astrologer can always read, it just allows me to see another layer.)
  • Location where you were born. (City and state)

Astrology Consultations

Most of the answers to our questions can be found in our birth chart. When the astrologer are in a difficult situation, the astrologer tend to look for answers to our present problems in the future or to blame our past. It’s a double decoy and it does not work. This can only make us wait for it to change, for it to happen, in the apprehension that it is getting worse or in a resignation that it will never change.

These expectations amplify the suffering and do not solve anything; they slow down the return to a form of serenity and harden our present trials. The trials in life exist. To believe that the astrologer can avoid them, that the astrologer should have avoided them, that they should not have been … it’s like believing that the astrologer have nothing to learn from our lives. It’s pride.

What alleviates suffering dispels it, and makes trials milder is not a strategy of waiting, pity or avoidance but developing self-knowledge. This is the essence of the work that the astrologer proposes with astrology and that is why consultations with me, even if you made 25 times your birth chart or 10 years of astrology, (re) start with the theme of birth.

An open consultation

A consultation with me is not about making a new, complete version of your birth chart, but about trying to understand deeply what is questioning you today, what is blocking, what you are worried about. For this, the astrologer must exchange, it is important that you arrive not with the expectation that the astrologer guess you but with the intention to open you. Personal questioning is half the path of healing. If you keep it secret the astrologer would be pretty quiet because the astrologer would not break into your person.

You decide which doors you want to open and the astrologer follow this path at the speed that suits you. This approach to consultation is essential. This is why it is up to you to allow consultation by your questions. They can be personal beings in your life, or concern a lighting point of astrology if you have the knowledge and passion.

The future

The movement of the stars does not determine our future; it builds an atmosphere that makes more or less conducive the meeting of certain energies, a bit like the weather is an atmosphere that varies the heat, wind, humidity or brightness. It is certain that summer will be warmer than winter. And it is more likely to tan in summer than in winter. But that does not mean that everyone will be tanned at the end of the summer or that it is impossible to tan in winter.

The changes of atmosphere do not oblige us; they develop conditions favourable to certain forms of life. The future offers the potential that the astrologer invests with who the astrologer is and what the astrologer have put in place in the past. When our present does not please us, is it not more profitable to work this present to create the future that will please us rather than wait for a hypothetical perfect future to happen to us?

Self-knowledge takes precedence over knowledge of the future

Astrology consultation by mail and telephone

When life jostles us or stagnates astrology is a vector of reflection on ourselves that highlights a specific situation. An astrology consultation gives us the answer the astrologer needs to see it clearly and continue our journey more serenely.


A natal chart is based on the date, time and place of birth of a subject. Our sky of birth is our astrological identity card which indicates our way of life on the bases given by our innate and our acquired.

Our theme of life is subject to more or less long planetary passages which play a preponderant role in the cycles of our existence. These, once unveiled give us the opportunity to go more serenely to a new course.


Once you have settled your astrology consultation, a form will open, on which you will have to leave:

  • Your first and last names
  • Your date of birth
  • Your time of birth
  • Your birth place

The city where you woke up the day of your last birthday

The astrologer will then answer you and offer you an RV to give you a report by phone. She will prepare your theme upstream. For the formula “one question asked”, the answer will be by mail. Now that the entire work is done only on online basis, you will have the perfect option to get the best support there now. The deals are perfect there and you can have the perfect outcome of the same there.