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9 Essential Tips for Choosing Your Tarot Card Readings

Choosing your tarot is a real puzzle, there is hundreds of completely different tarot card Readings and when you start in the practice of the tarot we do not know where to turn.

What is a tarot game?

Well a tarot game is simply a deck of cards composed of 78 blades divided with 56 minor cards and 22 major cards. What differentiates one card game over another is the colour of the cards, the different symbols, the different styles, the different forms used, and it is precisely this extremely varied choice that can cause you a great deal of difficulty in choose the right card game.

  • When you think about it it’s a bit like a car, when you have to buy a car there are very different categories, very different prices and different styles.
  • A family with four children will not choose a Porsche convertible because its use will not be suitable in everyday life.
  • Conversely, a single who likes to show and who seeks to seduce will prefer to buy a Ferrari rather than buying a Dacia without obviously wanting to deny the quality of the car of course.

Here in the tarot it is a little the same thing, it is not a question obviously to please or seduce but rather to find a deck of cards adapted to its age, its style, its orientation and especially compared to the feeling that you can have.

 The power of the cards

Cards are not just a piece of paper, for me a card is something that lives, speaks to you, gives you information and guides you in any area. You will have to analyse the map, that is to say not only to learn the value of the slide you will interpret but also its symbolic context.

If the card that you have to analyse does not speak to you at all, that the symbols remain very obscure, that for you it is a commonplace image, then I am ready to bet my shirt that the interpretation that you will make of the card will be distorted. That’s why from the beginning I attached a particular importance to the symbolism of the cards and that of the tarot of Marseille for me was obvious, from the first minutes, I did not wonder if I could interpret the cards, if the degree of difficulty was going to be high or not, I could directly make all the interpretations that I wanted once I got to know the meaning of these different mysteries.

This guide that I offer you will allow you to become more familiar with the game of tarot Marseille that I use and that I recommend and you will quickly understand why this tarot game seduced me compared to its symbolism.

To close the parenthesis of my first advice, I strongly advise against trying to get a tarot game different from the people you use under the pretext of differentiating yourself and be original if you can say.

If many people have chosen tarot games much more classic, it is not to be original but rather to be effective, remember that a tarot game aims to enlighten you in the different paths to take in your life , do you prefer to have a deck of cards that is out of the ordinary and that no one has seen but that finally does not reveal any information or a game much more banal if we can say but that turns out to be a very high efficiency and that answers all the questions that you can formulate?

Personally my choice was very quickly stopped

Trust your impression

One always says to listen to one’s instinct is something important, and well in the practice of tarot this proverb is confirmed to 100%. When you choose your first tarot game, you will not do it in relation to the technical characteristics of the game itself, that is to say the size of the cards, the quality of the paper even if it may have its importance I will come back to it after, you will above all listen to your instinct and your feelings.

  • That’s what I lived, my mind was hooked because I had an attraction for him.
  • It’s an emotion that is absolutely not rational, you’re in a clothing store, two pullovers seem identical and yet the first pull you find it awful while the second attracts you tirelessly.
  • Why explain such a reaction is your body and your mind that responds well and you’re right to listen because with the pullover that attracts you the most you will feel much more comfortable, you will wear it more and you will feel good about yourself
  • With the tarot is exactly the same thing, the more you will listen to your instinct and the more you will get a good feeling and you will be motivated to use it and get very good results.

You need to establish a privileged connection with the cards, your feelings and your first impressions will be extremely important because it will easily translate the message that is conveyed by the cards.

To come back to the previous paragraph, the symbolism of the card must evoke a form of connection and a feeling deep inside of you, by cons it should not stop only with the image of the card but go further and see if the information conveyed can be easily captured by your mind.

This does not necessarily help you choose at first your tarot game, but rest assured I also detailed other techniques and other useful information that will allow you to refine your choice as you go read this article.


The images that catch your attention

In everyday life, our eyes will be on images that attract us, imagine that you find yourself with a book in front of you that is wide open with one side of a page and the other text.

Your eyes will naturally appear on the image, if the image evokes something negative, repelling, you will only want to close the book as quickly as possible. On the other hand if it is a pleasant image, which evokes different memories and different positive emotions, then your gaze will continue to rest on the book and you will continue reading it.

With the tarot is exactly the same thing, the symbolism in esotericism and in the tarot is something very strong, characters are represented, animals or objects, all this is a very special atmosphere that should send you back only positive waves.

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Whether you are looking for love, in a relationship or single, the tarot reader you approach will ask you to concentrate hard on specific questions that relate best to your love life.

Tarot love readings are centred around three cards; the first card offers information about past love; the second reveals the current love. While the third card gives you a glimpse into the future’s love life if you proceed in your current path.

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