Thursday, February 11, 2016

Best Psychics in NYC: Getting the Best Reading

Psychics in NYC

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of psychics operating in New York City, but only a handful of them are any good. Below are different tips that will help you find the best psychics in NYC
  1. Know your purpose
There are actually different kinds of psychics. There are love psychics, psychic mediums (those who conduct séances), general psychic reading, and many more. You need to choose a psychic who specializes in whatever it is you need. The love psychic focuses on your love problems. The psychic mediums, on the other hand, are more into trying to contact the departed. The general psychic reading is more of a future reading type. If you want to discover what tomorrow holds, then you are definitely looking for general psychic reading.

     2.  Look for Recommendations

One great way to find good psychics in New York is to ask for recommendations from your friends and family. People who are close to you will not recommend any kind of service if they were not good enough for them in the first place, and this includes psychic readings. Firsthand experience is always a good starting point to gauge whether a psychic is any good or not, so ask the people around you if they have someone they could recommend. 

While the above mentioned tips are helpful ways to find the best psychics in NYC, below are tips that could help you before, during and after your face to face encounter with any of the best psychics in NYC.
  1. What to Say
A true psychic can tell you whatever you need to know using little to no information about yourself. So if you come face to face with any psychic, stop yourself from giving him or her a detailed narrative of your life. The tendency here is that psychics will become biased because they are basing it on the knowledge you have given them before the reading. Giving your psychic too much information will only affect your reading in a negative way. For example, if they know that you are under great pressure the tendency of the reading outcome would be solely based around that. Subconsciously, psychics will end up being intellectually biased.

     2.  Calm Yourself

Even before going to a psychic, the first thing you need to do is to calm yourself. Relax your nerves, calm your muscles, and clear your mind. You should not go for a psychic reading if you are in an intense emotional state. In fact, your intense emotions will create vibrations that psychics will mistakenly read. The tendency here is it closes your mind for possibilities. The driving force of your acceptance of the reading’s result would be your emotion. If the result was not according to the one you expected, you end up taking the reading as a “negative” one even if it does not necessarily go that way. You just might give the psychic an awful rating because you did not like what he or she read. Before you even go into a psychic’s shop, you should do your best to calm your mind. Go drink some chamomile tea or take a relaxing walk around Central Park to ease your mind, this will make it easier for the psychic to help you.

     3.  Paths Change

Whatever the psychic reads on you is something that could happen, but that does not necessarily mean that it will happen. The future that they foresee is something you yourself can control and manipulate. However, some psychics will purposely give you horrible readings because they know about the power of suggestion. The power of suggestion is when you believe is in the psychic reading so much that you would actually do things to make sure that it will happen. If your psychic tells you that something really horrible will happen to you within the next couple of months, just take heed of the warning and do something to prevent it from happening; do not just cower in a corner waiting for that “horrible something” to happen.

While we have been laying down different tips for a good encounter with psychics, we have not really told you about the fake psychics. These psychics usually call themselves “gypsy” psychics. They charge you a large amount of money to take away curses that do not exist in the first place. They would falsely advertise their works with lines that they do free readings or that they give immediate results and the like. However, do not be fooled. The field of psychic readings has grown extremely competitive. There are many gypsy psychics out there calling out to you saying that they work with the church. Come to think of it, traditional religions do not allow and believe in psychics or even psychic readings and rituals in their church. So beware.

To summarize, to find the best psychics in NYC, first is to know the kind of psychic you need and make sure to look up on them and their user rating system. This way you can see their performances based on the satisfaction of their previous customers. However, watch out again for the false ratings. Competitive psychics would put up bad ratings to their competition even if they do not deserve it. Since New York City is a large city, these kinds of situation happen a lot so there is a need to keep a closer look.

As to your encounter with them, all you need to make sure is that your heart and mind is open on to whatever result they say. Do not rate them subjectively but objectively. Do not go running for a reading when you are broken hearted. Make sure to respect their readings too because you were the one who went to them in the first place. Again, when you go for a reading, be open-minded. This way, your encounter with psychics would come to a success with either a good reading or a bad reading.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Best Psychics in NYC: Finding Them

Finding the Best Psychics in NYC

Have you ever tried getting an Astrology or numerology reading? Or perhaps obtain a tarot card, past life reading or have your dream interpreted by an expert? Whether you want to obtain one or all of these divinations, you need a psychic to perform these services. If you want to obtain accurate information about your future concerning love, money and career you need to find the best psychics in NYC

With the influx of numerous scammers and cons who identify themselves as psychics, it is necessary that you only get to obtain these services from genuine psychics who are experts in their chosen field. There is already a list of legitimate psychics you can find online, their services have already been tested and proven true by several dependable sources. These include practitioners who specialize in alternative fields such as mediumship (communication with the spirits), intuitive transpersonal hypnotherapist (helps people to experience the presence or spirit of their loved ones on their own), and intuitive or psychic readings. If you want to find best psychic in NYC  there is, you just have to read the profiles of the individuals in the list to know with whom you are entrusting your chosen divination service.

Psychics are not only useful with obtaining readings on various aspects of your life, they also help you channel your energy towards the right direction, rid yourself of negative personal and home vibrations, as well as act as medium for people to communicate with their departed loved ones. If you want to have a personal encounter with your loved one, psychics can help you achieve such experience. 

If you feel something heavy is pulling you down without actually manifesting any physical symptoms, you don’t necessarily need to visit your doctor to ascertain what is wrong with you. Chances are you are experiencing some negative vibes and it is eating away on your energy. Just like when we take a bath to cleanse our bodies, we also need to undergo a cleansing routine to wash away any toxic energy that our aura has accumulated. These toxic energies bog you down, and that is why you feel an unexplained tiredness and heaviness in your spirit. An aura is the energy field that surrounds every living thing here on Earth. When something is hindering your aura, your energy will lower and you will also attract toxic people and situations. To help you boost your energy level and attract positive situations and individuals, you need the help of psychics. They can help you perform the cleansing regimen to wash away all toxic energies and vibes that are weighing you down. When you remove these negative energies from your life, you will feel better, sleep better and be able to live your life the way you were meant to live it. In this aspect, psychics are like doctors for the spirit who can help you rid of whatever sickness is plaguing it. By obtaining the service of a trusted and dependable psychic, you will have a healthy spirit as well as body.

Of course, it is to be expected that there are people who are skeptical of the things that psychics do. After all, it is quite hard to believe that someone you have just met can actually know numerous things about you. It is even harder to believe that these people have the ability to communicate with spirits or that they can help you experience to feel and hear the spirits of your loved ones on your own. In this technological-advanced world we live in, it is hard to believe in these things which are not backed up by science or by anything. 

Psychics delve into paranormal things and this fact does not bode well for many people. After all, it is not ordinary circumstance to be able to hear and feel the presence of your loved ones who are already dead. Despite the bizarre factors that surround the existence and practice of psychics, their incredible gift cannot be discredited. Blatant facts that are only known to the person having their reading and to the person whose spirit the psychic is trying to communicate is hard proof that is difficult to dispute.
Psychics actually read you through the unseen energy you emit unconsciously. Depending on the aura we manifest, psychics are able to tell us some issues we maybe are confronting at the moment and some future forecasts on how these concerns will turn out. If you opt to have a reading from a psychic medium, ask for messages from your deceased kin as proof that they are existing in the afterlife. If you want to connect to your deceased loved one, you should opt to contact psychic medium. 

However, if you want to maximize the experience and the reading, you can opt for an intuitive reading from practicing psychic. In this type of reading, the psychic will provide you readings based on your energy as well as acquiring the guidance from spirit of loved ones. In this type of reading, the psychic consolidates psychic and mediumship into one. There are a few psychics on the list of legitimate practitioners who can do an intuitive reading without falter. Whether you want to ascertain your future on personal as well as professional aspect of your life, you can depend on this type of reading to give you accurate answers, provided of course that you get to obtain the service of a genuine intuitive psychic.

When choosing the best psychic for your specific needs, you must also consider how you feel when dealing with them. Is the psychic makes you feel at ease? Are you fidgety or is something nagging at you when you are dealing with them? It is important that you feel comfortable when dealing with your psychic. You need to trust them to give you an accurate answer to your questions because your feelings would manifest in your aura and it would hinder obtaining accurate readings. 

Likewise, it is equally important that when you talk to your psychic nothing is impeding your feelings that have nothing to do with whatever you wish to know. In most cases, obtaining the service of psychics is not a one-time encounter. If your energy is hindered by something then you should first cleanse your aura (with the help of a psychic) so that it will not get in the way with your readings. Only when you are not tied down with negative energies can you hope to attain a perfectly clear reading on various aspects of your life as well as be able to communicate with loved ones yonder.

Monday, December 21, 2015

DJ OwnbeyYour Guide To Love, Money, and Career

People often laugh at the anecdote it is written in the starswithout realizing that stars determine success in love, money and career if people follow what they say. What makes DJ Ownbey different is that he believes what the stars say and he uses it as a life guide. With his talent at predicting things that will happen in the future, he became one of the most sought after psychic guides in terms of money, love, and career. However, why should you believe what he is saying? Here are a few things you need to know about him. 

  1. He came from a family of psychics.

DJ Ownbey is a fourth generation psychic, a descendant of Lucia Frabotta – a renowned Roman Psychic. Many say that he inherited his gifts from his ancestors who are also psychics. His knowledge does not only come from his own mind, but a product of family tradition polished and improved through the years. Who can predict better than those who came from a family of such!

If you want to consult one of the best psychics in the world, you should definitely see DJ Ownbey, the Beverly Hills Psychic. He is a love psychic from Cleveland, Ohio but conducts consultations in New York as well. Before he decided to go back to Cleveland, he moved to Old Brooklyn and Beverly Hills where his career as a love psychic and life coach flourished. Because he knows what he is talking about, people from all walks of life seek his counsel. Unlike the psychics you see on the television, he is a professional; he says what he actually predicts, and not just what his clients want to hear.  

2. He is a host and a writer.

Formerly, he hosted two shows: DJs Advice and Star Talk. Many TV and radio shows also featured him. Aside from being a psychic, he also writes for several websites such as Article Base, Examiner, and Ezine. You can read his articles about love and relationships and be persuaded that he is an expert. At present, DJ Ownbey conducts psychic readings in Ohio and in New York. Because of his expertise, he can do his job personally or through phone depending on the clients preference. He gained thousands of positive reviews from his clients all around the world through his decades of experience. 

3. He is an unbiased psychic.

Why should you seek his help? The reason is simple. He does not rely on emotions and what he feels at the moment. His predictions are based on what he experiences through his five senses that transcends time and space. When he says something, it will be true in the near future. If he says that you are about to have your dream car or meet the love of your life, he does so not to please you, but because he saw and felt it. 

Because of his accurate readings, clients refer him to their friends and acquaintances. Most of his clients are repeat clients. Ownbey believes that you cannot survive with just one reading session per client so you have to assure them of the accuracy of your predictions so they would come back. Through the years, he received repeat clients and more referrals because clients are happy with what they hear.  

4. He is a professional, an expert, and a life coach. 

Many people trust Ownbey

because he is an expert. His experience comes from 20 years of doing business apart from being a descendant of a psychic. He does his readings without any bias because what you provide is just your name and date of birth. For him, a detailed story of your life or the people involved will just limit his objectivity. Hence, you are rest assured that his psychic reading is accurate because he will not conduct a profiling based on your looks, race, gender, etc. His premonitions are so accurate that you can use it as guide to your decisions knowing that the future is not set; that you can change it for the better.

5. He is a love psychic.

You might ask what separates him apart from other psychicshe is a love psychic; he is trained to handle love issues and he is quite experienced in this field. Consult him because he helped many people in terms of their love life, how they can approach love issues, and how they can get to the next level of their relationship not just quickly but using the right approach. Ownbey also helped a lot of people move on from their love problems because he can predict whether the person you are with now is your soulmate or twin flame. He will boldly tell you that he or she is not if that is the truth. His goal in life is to help people have happy relationships and a life full of love. 
If you have love problems, it is better to consult a love psychic such as Ownbey than a general psychic because he can easily point out the problem because of his expertise. He can help you better that any one else. This is evident in his reviews. In fact, he is quick to predict soulmate connections and can help you find the one if you haven't found him or her yet. 

What are the most common issues he can help you with? He can help you conquer the area of your life where you attract dysfunctional people and cannot let go of them. He can help level up your love life by removing blocks in your subconscious mind. He can also teach you how to rekindle relationships with people. He can teach you ways to better understand your partner. He is not only a psychic or a love expert but he is a life coach, a counselor. 

If you want to have a consultation with DJ Ownbey, you can set up an appointment through his website or through his contact number. Geographical distance is not a problem anymore. If you are far from New York or Ohio, you need not worry because he also offers phone consultations and online chat.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Love Psychics

Psychics are much like doctors or lawyers. They specialize in specific areas to better assist their patients or clients. Many psychics choose to focus on the area of love, helping people to connect with their soul mates. You can go to a love psychic to be reassured that your partner really is the person that you are meant to be with forever, or they can warn you that you are not meant to be with your current partner. A love psychic's main goal is to make sure that your love life runs as smoothly as possible. Emotional blocks can be removed by love psychics, which allow relationships to bloom to their fullest potential. Consider love psychics to be doctors of love.

We all make mistakes in our personal relationships. The worst kind of mistake is a repeated one, and getting love psychic readings can assist you in eliminating those cycles. Some people tend to subconsciously sabotage their relationships, and love psychics are the perfect people to fix that problem. A reading can also help you to understand why you may attract certain types of partners, and learn how to stop attracting bad partners and starting attracting your soul mate. Keep in mind that love psychics are basically doctors, and they cannot do all of the work for you. Most often, they will recommend new behaviors that you should create and metaphysical techniques that will assist you in removing emotional blocks. These things will aid you in your venture to find your new love or get to the next level with your current partner.

Getting love psychic readings is easier now then it has ever been. You can still see a love psychic in-person, but now there are additional options. Many of these specialized psychics offer readings over the phone and through online Skype sessions. You should always make sure that your psychic offers a money back guarantee if your reading is not satisfying. Only legitimate love psychics offer this, which helps to protect you against the many frauds out there. Psychics are very real, but unfortunately the fakes instill doubt in the real professionals.